MIDA-EVSE-PE16S: 16A adjustable current EV charger suitable for Automative applications with water resistance

The MIDA-EVSE-PE16S EV mobile charging cable product line from MIDA is compactly designed, easy to use and compatible with household voltage. 

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MIDA-EVSE-PE16S with input voltage range of 110V ~ 250VAC, cable design combined with current converter. Plug in/push out no-load mechanical durability over 10,000 times, ensuring high durability and long-term use.   

Besides, with the ability to protect against overload, overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, undervoltage, etc. to protect the device and charging cable during use, preventing causes of damage to the device. device.  Maximum capacity up to 3.6kW with IP67 water resistance, MIDA-EVSE-PE16S charging cable operates stably, suitable for current electric vehicle models such as electric cars, electric motorbikes, etc. 


– Operating voltage: 110 ~ 250 VAC 

– Maximum rated current: 16A 

– Maximum power: 3.6kW 

– Withstanding voltage: 2000V 

– Insulation resistance: >1000 MΩ 

– Push In / Push Out mechanical durability: > 10000 times 


– High power 

– Convenient design 

– Durable 

– Good water resistance 

– Fully supports protection functions 


– Electric cars 

– Electric motorbike 

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