MIDA- DC 20KW EV GBT Fast Charging Station in less than 1 hour for electric vehicles

MIDA introduces the DC 20KW EV GBT fast charging station product that can charge all compatible electric vehicles on the market today. 

The electric vehicle market is experiencing a remarkable development worldwide, and Vietnam is no exception to this trend. To serve the increasing demand for electric vehicles, MIDA designed the perfect 20KW EV GBT DC station product line, users just need to plug the charging cord into the car and the product immediately starts the charging process. less than 1 hour. 

The 20KW EV GBT DC fast charging station has multiple outputs and can choose different connectors such as CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and GB/T. With high-speed and fast charging performance, the product can easily be fully charged for travel needs. The product is designed to be very safe and automatic when used with an emergency button. 

Besides, the DC 20KW EV GBT also integrates an optional OCPP network so users can choose to bring convenience when charging. DC 20KW EV GBT fast charging station is a perfect product when installed at home, public electric vehicle charging station, etc. 


– Maximum input voltage: 380VAC ± 15% 

– Maximum input current: 60A 

– Output voltage range: 200 – 750V 

– Maximum output power: 20KW 

– Output current: 60A 

– Dimensions: 645 * 220 * 450 mm 

– AC input connection: 3P + N + PE 


– Wide operating voltage range 

– Fast charging in just under 1 hour 

– Efficiency > 96% 

– Compatible with many types of electric vehicles today 

– Obtained certificates: CE, TUV, UL 

– Supports emergency stop button 


– Fast charging station for electric vehicles 

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