M3TEK MT3515ATCR - power IC device using a proprietary COT control scheme

M3TEK provides many high-performance power IC product lines, of which MT3515ATCR is one of the top most popular products with optimal prices. 

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With many years of experience in the field of research and development of power IC products, MT3515ATCR is a highly efficient device with a fully integrated synchronous converter. The IC provides a compact solution with up to 3A continuous output current on a single input to ensure current stability of the operating device. 

The MT3515ATCR uses a proprietary Constant OnTime (COT) control scheme that provides superior transient response and maintains constant, constant switching frequency operating in conduction mode. 

In addition, the ability to integrate a wide range of protection functions including: UVLO, OCP, UVP and thermal shutdown helps the IC operate safely from impacts on the circuit. Extremely low equivalent series resistance (ESR) at the ceramic capacitor output allows the IC to operate more stably and efficiently. 

From the above advantages, MT3515ATCR is the perfect product for applications on computers, laptops, network systems and power circuit systems… 


– Vin: 4.5 – 24V 

– Iout: 3A 

– More than 90% efficiency 

– Operating frequency: 1.4 Mhz 

– Feedback voltage accuracy: 1.5% 0.8V 

– Supports 100% duty cycle Low Dropout Operation 

– Leg type: TSOT23_8L 


– Stable operation 

– Low static current 

– Hiccup mode when short circuit protection 

– High output accuracy 

– Optimal price 


– Computer 

– Network 

– Source application 

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