LEM – LWSR 250-P Current Transducer AC and DC

LEM has launched the LWSR 250-P product line of AC, DC, pulse current tranducter,… with electrical separation between primary and secondary circuits.

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 LWSR 250-P can test and monitor the current flowing through other electronic components on circuits and machines, enable or disable connection to electronic devices.  LWSR 250-P is perfect for solar inverter applications, servo motor controller and AC variable speed, UPS power, etc. 


– Maximum operating voltage: 7V 

– Nominal current: 250A 

– Measuring range: 380 A 

– Probe supply: 5VDC 

– Output voltage: 0 ~ 5 VDC 

– Operating temperature: -40 ~ 110*C 


– Primary current: 250A 

– Low offset deviation 

– Very good resistance to Du/Dt 

– Closed-loop Hall effect technology 


– Solar inverter 

– AC variable speed servo motor controller 

– UPS power 

– Industrial machinery 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of LEM in Vietnam for better support on products and prices: https://www.epi-tech.com.vn/ 


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