L-COM – MP45J RJ45 protective cover, enhance safety and effective dust suppression

L-COM introduces the product MP45J, a protective cover for RJ45 made from flexible PVC, capable of being easily removed and installed.

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Normally, open RJ45 ports or unusable plugs are susceptible to dirt or debris. L-COM’s MP45J product is capable of preventing that and protecting the devices. The product is made from PVC plastic so the installation process is quite simple and is fixed in the right position with high friction. The jack cover has a low knob, making it easy to remove and install when reusing the port. With the above advantages, MP45J is a suitable product for cable maintenance applications, data centers, MDF/IDF….


– Jack cover with knob

– Material: flexible PVC plastic

– Color: Black

– Dimensions (L x W): 14.22 x 12.14 mm


– The jack cover has a low screw knob for easy installation and removal

– The plug cap protects the delicate locking tab on the module

– Made of flexible PVC, easy to install and stay in place.

– Prevents damage from dirt and debris to open RJ45 ports


– Cable maintenance

– Data center


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