INFY – REG1K025G: Charging module with a capacity of up to 20kW for electric vehicle applications

Electric vehicle charging modules play an important role in providing energy for today’s vehicles. Understanding that, INFY’s REG1K025G Module is a suitable choice with its highly isolated 3-phase 4-wire AC input and DC output voltage range of 150 to 1000 VDC. In addition, the product combines an output capacity of up to 20kW achieving high efficiency of over 95%.  

More information

REG1K025G is designed based on 3-phase power factor correction technology, reducing harmonic interference to the power grid.  REG1K025G is a perfect, reliable product for applications such as high-power EV DC, AC-DC charging stations, etc. 


– AC input voltage and current: 260 ~ 530 Vac, 38A 

– DC output voltage and current: 150 ~ 1000 Vdc, 25A 

– Power: 20kW 

– Dimensions and weight: 84 x 226 x 395 mm, 11kg 


– Good isolation 

– High efficiency over 95% 

– Minimize grid interference 

– High power 


– High capacity EV DC, AC-DC charging station,…