HQ0201Q Series, Multilayer thin film inductor for RF applications

Sunlord has just launched its multilayer thin film inductor product line, HQ0201Q Series.

With innovative coil design, good manufacturing technology, Sunlord has successfully made RF inductor with high Q characteristic and ultra-small size, helping customers’ products to achieve optimal and compact in design. Besides, HQ0201Q also shows excellent anti-noise ability, reducing noise by 75% compared to the old generation HQ0402Q. With the above advantages, HQ0201Q is a potential candidate for applications such as: RF power amplifier, wireless RF devices (Wifi, Bluetooth), RF for smartphones, smart wearable devices.


High Q characteristics, High S.R.F (3.7GHz~14GHz) 

Ultra-small package (0.25×0.125×0.2mm) 

Inductance value accuracy up to ±0.1nH 

Wide range of inductance values (0.3nH-10 nH) 


Dimensions: 0.25×0.125×0.2 (mm) 

Maximum rated current Irated = 650 (mA). 

Inductance: 0.3nH-10 nH 

Resistance: 0.02-1.5 (Ω) 


RF power amplifier 

RF wireless (Wifi, Bluetooth) 

RF line for smartphone and smart wearable devices. 

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