HONGFA – HFKH Series: Automotive applications with high current capacity

The HFKH series – relay product line is designed by HONGFA with a small size for automotive application. 

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HFKH Series with compact design, has many options with 5pins, 4pins. Relay HFKH has an engine load current of up to 35A, can activate large equipment on the vehicle such as fuel pumps, fans, headlights, etc. The product has the ability to protect electrical circuits in the vehicle from overload and short circuits. When the current exceeds the allowable limit, avoid damage or fire to the vehicle.  

HFKH has improved heat resistance better than other relay products in the same segment. With high current capacity (BSA/10min 25A/1h), the product is suitable for automotive applications such as headlight control, mirror adjustment, seats, wiper control, car doors, etc. 


  • Coil voltage: 10, 12 VDC 
  • Max. continuous current:  35A 
  • Temperature operating: -40 to 85*C 
  • Dimensions: 15.7 x 12.5 x 14 mm 
  • Power consumption: 0.64W 


  • Compact size 
  • Automotive certification 
  • Can load motor up to 35A 
  • Short circuit overload protection 


  • Automotive applications such as: headlight control, mirror adjustment, seats adjustment , wiper control, car doors,…. 

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