HONGFA - HF32FV-G intermediate power RELAY compact design helps save circuit area

Hongfa introduces the HF32FV-G power relay product line with switching voltage up to 277VA

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Smart devices touch that controls remotely via phone is a leading prestigious product and is equipped with many quality components for use in the smart home field. Hongfa’s HF32FV-G is often used to switch the voltage signal of the circuit, with its ultra-small size helping to save circuit space. Dielectric strength between coil and contact up to 4kV ensures stability and quality. Operating current up to 10A helps the relay to switch easily.

In addition, the HF32FV-16 possesses a switching voltage of up to 277VAC to ensure the relay’s operating range and limit cases where the relay dies due to overvoltage. With the above advantages, Hongfa’s HF32FV-16 is the perfect product for smarthome applications such as touch switches, rolling door switches, control circuits,…


– Conversion current: 10A

– Maximum conversion voltage: 277AC

– Dielectric strength: 4kV

– Condenser capacity: 450mW

– Voltage on coil: 3,5,6,9,12,18,24,48 VDC

– Dimensions: 18.4 x 15.5 x 10.2 mm

– Form: F


– Compact size helps save circuit area

– Competitive price

– Stable, high durability

– Receive enthusiastic support from Hongfa company


– Power switch, control circuit

– Touch switch

– Rolling door switch

– SmartHome

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