Holtek - BA45F6740 CO/GAS detector flash MCU with a high-performance 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller

Holtek has launched the BA45F6740 product line – CO/GAS Flash MCU gas detector with high efficiency LED driver. 

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BA45F6740 is a popular Flash memory A/D type high performance 8-bit RISC architecture microcontroller, specially designed for CO/GAS gas detection. The product is equipped with RAM and EEPROM providing users with the convenience of multi-programming features. 

BA45F6740 integrates temperature sensor circuit and amplifier function, an extremely flexible multi-channel Analog to Digital converter. The product supports SPI, I2C and UART interface functions providing designers with an easy means of communication with external peripheral hardware. 

Additionally, the internal LDO function provides many different, fixed voltage options for internal modules and peripherals. Protection features such as internal monitoring timer, low voltage reset and low voltage probe along with excellent noise immunity and ESD protection ensure reliable operation is maintained in electrical environments hard. With the above advantages, BA45F6740 will be the perfect product for fire alarm applications, gas leaks, etc. 


– Operating voltage: 2.2 ~ 5.5 V 

– Program memory: Flash 4K x 16, RAM: 256 x 8, EEPROM: 128 x 8 

– I/O up to 22 pins 

– Ability to detect CO/Gas 

– 8 A/D converters, 12-bit resolution 

– Supports I2C, SPI, UART communication standards 

– Battery type: NSOP16, SSOP 20/24/28 pins 


– Can be programmed on IC 

– Ability to detect CO/Gas leaks 

– Low voltage detection and reset function 

– The number of I/O pins is up to 22 pins that can connect to many peripherals 

– Integrated temperature sensor with internal reference voltage 


– CO and Gas leak detection devices 

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