ESMT - N25QX256A(2S) - SPI NOR FLASH MEMORY 256Mb, high performance with operating frequency up to 104Mhz

ESMT introduces the SPI-NAND Flash EN25QX256A(2S) memory product line with data storage capabilities for Smarthome, IoT, laptops, etc. 

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EN25QX256A(2S) acts as a data storage, electrical read/write memory and does not lose data when the power supply is turned off. Data access becomes fast and high performance with operating frequency up to 104Mhz. This product has low current consumption, only 1uA in power down state and 7 mA in Active state. 

EN25QX256A(2S) is designed according to industry standard serial interface – SPI peripheral interface to provide an optimal and cost-effective solution. With the above advantages EN25QX256A(2S) is the perfect product for applications on Smarthome, IoT, handheld devices, computers,… 


– Operating voltage: 2.7~3.6V 

– Current consumption: 7mA 

– Operating frequency: 104Mhz 

– Memory capacity: 256Mb 

– Package: 8SOP 

– Communication standard: SPI 


– Compact design, cost optimization 

– Operating frequency up to 104Mhz for fast data access 

– Low power consumption, high performance 

– Data storage time up to 20 years 


– Smarthome 

– Wifi router 

– Home Gateway 

– Applications that need external memory storage 

Learn more: EN25QX256A(2S)

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