ESMT F50L1G41LB-104YG2M SPI-NAND Flash Memory

ESMT recently launched the SPI-NAND Flash memory product line F50L1G41LB-104YG2M to the market with high performance, and low power consumption. 

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F50L1G41LB-104YG2M acts as a data storage memory, electrically read/write memory and does not lose data when the power supply is turned off. With a digital operating frequency of up to 104Mhz, data access becomes fast. Storage memory up to 1Gbit allows users to store a lot of data. The F50L1G41LB-104YG2M is designed around the industry standard serial interface – SPI peripheral interface to provide a cost-effective, non-volatile solution. This is also an alternative to SPI-NOR that offers outstanding recording performance at a low price. With the above advantages, F50L1G41LB-104YG2M is the perfect product for applications on Smarthome, IoT, handheld devices, computers,… 


– Operating voltage: 3.3V (2.7 ~ 3.6V) 

– Maximum current consumption: 20mA 

– Operating frequency: 104Mhz 

– Memory capacity: 1Gbit 

– Leg style: 8WSON 8x6mm 

– Data transmission speed: 9.6ns 

– Communication standard: SPI 


– Compact design, cheap price 

– Ability to store data up to Gbit 

– Operating frequency up to 104Mhz for fast data access 

– Fast data transmission speed, only 9.6ns 

– Low power consumption, high performance 


– Smart home application 

– Smart speaker 

– Wifi router system 

– Home Gateway 

– Applications that need external memory storage 


Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of ESMT in Vietnam for better support on products and prices:  


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