EPSON RX8901CE, new generation RTC module for smart electricity meter system

Epson recently launched a new generation of RTC module products specifically for smart electricity meter systems, RX8901CE.

The product is capable of operating accurately in a wide temperature range, even in harsh weather conditions. With the temperature compensation feature developed on Epson products, it helps reduce time of day deviation from 10.8 seconds to 0.3 seconds in temperature conditions from -40 to 85 degrees. Furthermore, the RX8901CE also possesses a smart power switch, helping the RTC module switch to a backup power source in case of power failure. At the same time, the product also has the function to record the time of incidents. With all the above advantages, RX8901CE is the perfect product for application in smart electricity meter systems. 


  • Excellent performance  
  • Temperature compensation feature that helps the RTC operate stably in changing weather conditions  
  • Has automatic power switching mode, helping RTC operate even when power outages occur  


  • Dimension: 3.2 x 2.5 x 0.2 mm  
  • Operating temperature: -40oC–85oC 
  • Built-in frequency-adjusted 32.768 kHz crystal unit and DTCXO  
  • I2C-Bus interface (400kHz) 


  • Smart meter 

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