Epson-RX8010SJ Cost-effective RTC real-time clock IC with high accuracy

 Epson introduces the RTC – RX8010SJ real-time clock IC product line with low current consumption and optimal cost. 

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Epson’s RX8010SJ is capable of maintaining accurate time. The IC integrates a two-way serial I2C communication standard to connect to the MCU. The product is designed with extremely low current consumption, only 160nA, thus helping to save power consumption on the circuit. The alarm function can be set by day of the week, hour or minute of the day with high accuracy. 

Besides, RX8010SJ is compatible with RTC IC lines on the market today such as DS1337S,… easy to replace and use. With the above advantages, RX8010SJ is the perfect product for real-time clock applications such as clocks, time setting devices, events, etc.


– Operating voltage: 1.6 – 5.5V 

– Current consumption: 160 nA 

– Communication standard: I2C 

– Operating frequency: 32.768 kHz 

– Integrated RAM memory: 128 bits (8 bits x 16, SRAM) 

– Battery type: SOP8 

– Timer function can be set between 1/4096 second and 65535 hours 


– Optimal cost 

– Compatible with real-time ICs on the market 

– Low power consumption 

– Ability to keep accurate time. 


– Watch device 

– Time and event setting device 

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