Anatech - AE2.5L8837 2.5Mhz LC low pass filter optimally eliminates interfering signals

Anatech has launched the 2.5Mhz LC low-pass filter AE2.5L8837 with high frequency response accuracy, compact design and eliminating highly interfering signals. 

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Receiving and suppressing frequency-hopping information signals is always a huge challenge for telecommunications electronics products. Therefore, AE2.5L8837 – LPF low pass filter with compact design, easy to use and install will be the optimal solution for this problem. 

The product is designed based on an LC filter that allows signals with a low cutoff frequency of 2.5Mhz to pass through and does not allow signals with higher frequencies. 

AE2.5L8837 has a bandwidth of up to 1.2Mhz, helping the signal transmit better and with better quality when passing through the filter. Although designed with a simple LC structure, the AE2.5L8837 is highly effective, perfect and highly applicable in signal filtering such as radio receivers, television receivers, FM, AM receivers, … 


– Cutoff frequency (FC): 2.5Mhz 

– Bandwidth: 0 – 1.2Mhz 

– Maximum latency @2.36 MHz: 389ns 

– Dimensions: 2.5 x 1.125 x 0.75 Inches 

– Operating temperature: -40 to +85° C 

– Response loss across bandwidth: 15dB maximum 


– Compact size 

– The design is based on an efficient LC filter 

– 1.2Mhz bandwidth, 2.5Mhz cutoff frequency eliminates interfering signals well 

– Low latency 


  • Radio receivers 
  • Television receivers 
  • FM, AM radio 

Learn more: AE2.5L8837

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