AMOTECH – ALA321C3: Bluetooth Antenna Chip + Zigbee 2.4Ghz High performance & Optimal price

Amotech has launched the ALA321C3 antenna chip product line – Bluetooth + Zigbee antenna with 2.4Ghz frequency high performance & ptimal price.  

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Amotech is known as the market leader in wireless products with minimalist designs. The ALA321C3 product is designed with a very compact size, only 3.2 x 1.6 mm, especially suitable for applications that require optimal circuit area. 

ALA321C3 is an antenna model that integrates two wireless communication standards Bluetooth and Zigbee, operating at 2.4Ghz frequency. Therefore, ALA321C3 can flexibly convert connection types to suit each application. 

Besides, ALA321C3 has a gain of 2.3 dBi, helping the communication efficiency reach over 70%. With the above advantages, ALA321C3 is the perfect product for smart phone applications, IoT smart home applications, etc. 


– Bluetooth Antenna + Zigbee 

– Frequency: 2.4Ghz 

– Gain: 2.3 dBi 

– Operating temperature: -35 ~ 85*C 

– Dimensions: 3.2 x 1.6 x 1.2 mm 


– Supports integration of 2 wireless signal transmission standards: Bluetooth + Zigbee 

– Compact size 

– Efficiency up to over 70% 

– Optimal price 

– Supported with samples and documents from the company 


– Mobile devices such as phones, bluetooth headsets 

– IoT SmartHome device 

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Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies – the authorized distributor of AMOTECH in Vietnam for technical support and samples.

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