ALPHAWIRE - Premium 5853 optimizes heat resistance during conduction.

Alphawire introduces the Premium 5853 product line of highly durable electrical cables, resistant to abrasion and mechanical impact. 

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Electric cables and conductors are considered important and indispensable devices in every electrical system. If chosen incorrectly, it can have a negative effect on other devices during use. So how to choose a power cable to ensure transmission capacity for electrical equipment and safety. Premium 5853 is Alphawire’s quality product line of highly durable electrical cables. 

This product has a shell made of flexible PTFE, can withstand high temperatures, and has very good resistance to tearing and abrasion due to external physical impacts. Premium 5853 cable possesses an operating voltage of up to 600V ensuring good load capacity. 

Besides, the conductor structure is made of silver-plated copper with a conductivity of 26 AWG, helping this cable to conduct electricity well. With good heat resistance up to 200°C, Premium 5853 is the perfect product for applications such as microwave ovens, terrain construction equipment, military applications, etc. 


– Number of cores: 1 

– Electrical conductivity: 26 AWG 

– Maximum operating voltage: 600V 

– Operating temperature: -60 to 200°C 

– Core material: Silver-plated copper 


  • High heat resistance 
  • Resistant to abrasion and strong impact 
  • Load-bearing and strong electrical conductivity. 


– Microwave oven 

– Terrain construction equipment 

– Military 

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