EPI Vietnam Technologies Announces Distribution Agreement with Flex Power Modules

Strong portfolio of power supply solutions

20th Apr 2020, EPI today announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with FLEX Power Modules.

Flex Power Modules, a division of Flex, is one of the market leaders in power supply solutions. Flex Power Modules designs and manufactures board-mounted DC/DC conversion products which target the following key markets: telecom, data center applications, industrial and railway. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and design centers in Kalmar, Sweden and Shanghai, China. Its production site, at Shanghai, has delivered more than 100 million power modules during the last 40 years.

About EPI, a leading distributor of electronics components and solutions in Vietnam, it is strong at covering a wide list of customers in Vietnam, especially almost of all top R&D customers in Vietnam, from early design to prototype and MP. EPI has a team of Technical Sales, FAE, Purchasing, Logistics, Warehouse… to provide full services to customers, including components, PCB and PCBA.

For more information, visit https://flexpowermodules.com/