[WÜRTH] presents WE-XHMA SMD Power Inductor

[WÜRTH] presents WE-XHMA SMD Power Inductor

Würth introduces another AEC-Q200 certified SMD inductor: WE-XHMA features an extremely high current capability of up to 50.6 A saturation current and the ability to handle high current transient peaks.  

Its design with flat wire coil and a composite core material ensures low copper losses and stable behavior under temperature fluctuations.


  • Flat wire coil for low copper losses 

  • Composite core material allows high saturation currents 

  • Compact design 

  • Magnetically shielded 

  • High current capability and handles high transient current spikes 

  • Low leakage flux noise 

  • Automotive approved 


The compact molded magnetically shielded coils are AEC-Q200 certified. 

Operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.  

5 sizes: 6030 (6.65x6.45 x3.3); 6060 (6.65x6.45x6.1); 8080 (8.8x8.3x8); 1090 (11.6x10.5x9.1); 1510 (16.4x15.4x10) 


  • DC/DC-converter for high current power supplies 

  • DC/DC-converter for Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) 

  • Power supplies for mobile devices 

  • POL-converters 

  • Mainboards/graphic cards 

  • Battery powered devices 

  • Wireless communication devices 

  • Filter 

Learn more: https://www.we-online.com/en/news-center/press?d=we-xhma-en 

Contact EPI Vietnam Technologies - the authorized distributor of Würth in Vietnam for better support on products and prices: https://www.epi-tech.com.vn/  




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