Electronics news highlights 06/14/2022

1. Global semiconductor market is expected to grow by 16.3% in 2022

The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics Organization (WSTS) recently forecast that the global semiconductor market is expected to reach $646 billion in 2022, an increase of 16.3% compared to 2021’s figure, and continue to grow by 5.1% in 2023.

Details: https://www.semimedia.cc/?p=12526


2. UK: Electric Car Fast Charging Costs Rise By 21 Percent In Eight Months

The average price of charging an electric car using a public rapid charge point has risen by 21 percent since September as a result of the rises in the cost of electricity. It now costs an average of 10p per mile to charge at a rapid charger, up from 8p per mile last September. However, despite the increase, it’s still less than half the cost of filling a petrol-powered car.

Details: https://insideevs.com/news/589689/uk-electric-car-charging-costs-up/


3. Diodes Incorporated Completes Acquisition of onsemi’s South Portland, Maine Wafer Fabrication Facility and Operations

As previously announced, Diodes will integrate the South Portland facility and fab operations (SPFAB), including the transfer of SPFAB employees to Diodes. As part of a multi-year wafer supply agreement, Diodes will continue to manufacture onsemi’s products from SPFAB as onsemi completes the transferring of this production into its other wafer fabs.

Details: https://www.diodes.com/about/news/press-releases/diodes-incorporated-completes-acquisition-of-onsemis-south-portland-maine-wafer-fabrication-facility-and-operations/








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