PCBA service

EPI Vietnam Technologies  is the premier PCB solutions provider. We can cover your PCB requirements from parts sourcing to electronic assembly.

We'll help you with each step of the way and provide you with comprehensive expertise and quality assurance.

When you choose us as your cooperative PCBA company, you're choosing to partner with a service that delivers the best. Our PCB assembly services

meet the highest quality benchmarks.

Additionally, we can handle any kind of PCB, whether it's double-sided or single-sided, an SMT, through-hole or mixed-assembly project. Whatever you

want done, we can make it happen!


We'll keep in contact with you constantly from the beginning of the project all the way through to the finish line and keep you in the loop from fabrication

to assembly. This can help you save money and stress with lower PCB costs, shorter wait time and higher-quality products. We want to save you time and

energy so you can focus on your PCB designs — not worry about the minutiae of the manufacturing process.